May 22, 2020 Canada further extends filing deadlines due to COVID-19

Individual tax returns otherwise due April 30 were previously extended to June 1 with the deferral of the payment of tax payable to September 1st. Filing due dates for personal returns due June 15th (for self-employed persons) were not previously extended  but still had the deferral of tax payable due  September 1st.  Filing beyond these two dates still attracted the late-filing tax penalty.

CRA has announced on May 22nd that for individual filers including self-employed individuals, may file up to September 1st and tax payable at that time without the incurrence of a late-filing tax penalty.

On a similar note, corporate tax returns (T2) otherwise due in June, July or August may be filed up to September 1st without any late-filing penalty.

Trust returns (T3) otherwise due in June, July or August are extended to September 1st.

Information returns such as CRA Form T1135 that are due at the due date of the tax return filer have also been extended to September 1st.

Tax installments for the 2020 taxation year that would otherwise be due after March 18 are still due by September 1st will not attract interest penalties. Tax instalments due after September 1st are presently still payable on their otherwise due dates. This would for example be September 15 and December 15th for individuals.

HST/GST withholdings and remittances due after March 18 are due June 30th. Related filings are still due at their otherwise due dates with no extensions. Presently, there has been no announcement to defer payments that are otherwise due after June 30th.

CRA is extending businesses a temporary wage subsidiary for another 12- week period to August 29, 2020.

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