Detailed Tax Services

The following is not an all- inclusive list, however it should provide a representation of the tax work that I may provide.

Estate Planning
  • Freezes-passing on future appreciation
  • Income splitting-dividends, capital gains, cheaper after-tax dollars for education/personal use
  • Alter-ego/joint-partner trusts
  • Wasting freeze-share redemptions (using GRIP)
  • Shareholder agreements/buy-sell
  • Wills
Post Mortem Planning
  • Corporate restructuring -bump, pipeline
  • Terminal, rights/things tax returns
Corporate Restructuring & Succession Planning
  • Inter-generational farm transfers
  • Creditor proofing, capital gains purification
  • Incorporation of professionals and other business
  • Employee share acquisitions
  • Shareholder split-up, asset spin-offs
  • Capital gains crystallization
  • Loss utilization-amalgamations, wind-ups
  • GRIP crystallization, secure loan-back, purification
  • Capital dividend account distributions
Partnership Restructuring
  • Incorporation of partnerships
  • Wind-up partnership
  • Conversion to proprietorship
  • Immigration/Emigration Planning
  • Residency and departure issues
  • Canadian/U.S. tax filings such as T1,T2,T3, U.S. 1040/1040NR, 1120/1120F/1120S,1065,706/706-NA
  • U.S. rental property purchase/sale
  • Clearance certificate applications under Section 116
  • U.S companies with Canadian branch operations
  • Canadian companies with U.S. branch operations
  • Other in-bound/out-bound transactions
  • Debt forgiveness
  • Foreign reporting CRA Forms T1134,T1135,T1141,T1142
  • Scientific research & experimental development tax credits CRA Forms T661/T2038
  • Voluntary disclosure applications