“Ask the Professional” 2012 as presented in The Milton Canadian Champion newspaper

January 2012

How can I effectively split my investment income with my spouse?

February 2012

As a resident U.S. 1040 filer, do I have to attach IRS Form 8938 “Statement of Specified Foreign Assets”?

March 2012

Should minimizing probate be my primary concern in estate planning?

April 2012

Should I provide for a testamentary trust in my Will?

June 2012

Should my company create a private health services plan (“PHSP”)?

July 2012

How can I transfer my farming business to my children?

August 2012

On selling my business, should I sell shares or assets?

September 2012

Should I Have a holding company?

October 2012

How do I make a charitable donation without money?

November 2012

I have securities with unrealized losses, should I sell them before December

December 2012

Can I make a RRSP contribution if my RRSP matures in 2012?