Specializing in Canadian & U.S. taxation. Unaudited financial statements available. (647) 298-1339

Larry Stolberg | Certified Public Accountant | Chartered Accountants | Certified Financial Planner
Tax consulting to financial advisors, lawyers, accounting firms and other professional advisors.
Competitive fees to that of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
Detailed Tax Service | Estate Planning | Post Mortem Planning | Corporate Restructuring & Succession Planning | Partnership Restructuring | Immigration/Emigration Planning

Office Location

The office is located at 245 Commercial St. in Milton, Ontario. Please contact us by phone: (647) 298-1339 or email: lstolberg@lnsca.com to book an appointment. Larry Stolberg | Certified Public Accountant | Chartered Accountants | Certified Financial Planner.
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Professional Services

Corporate restructuring, estate & succession planning, tax appeals / disputes, immigration / emigration planning and more. Canadian / U.S. tax return preparation and unaudited financial statements available.
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We have provided a comprehensive collection of resources which you can review. Contact your professional advisor prior to implementing any of the outlined strategies. FACTA legislation enhances discovery of delinquent US filers
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